Saturday, December 1, 2012

Acrylic Painting Techniques

Searching for types of acrylic painting? There are many acrylic painting techniques used by artists today. Acrylic paint is a very versatile substance which contributed to the various technique used for acrylic painting. Artist can adjust the viscosity of acrylic paints unlike other painting medium like oils. Acrylic paints can have a consistency of glue paste and can be thinned down to water like consistency. Artist can use water as thinner for acrylic paints which gives it ease in using. Due to this characteristic of acrylic paints, various acrylic painting techniques emerge.

Acrylic painting techniques differ through the medium used in using the acrylic paint. Painting using brushes must be the most common among all the acrylic painting techniques. Paint brush shapes for this technique used for acrylic painting includes rounds, long flat, short flat, filbert, fan brush and rigger brushes. Acrylic painting techniques also vary in the difference of brushes, different kinds of strokes are generated in different brushes. There are also two types of paint brushes used for acrylic painting techniques, oil paint brushes and water color brushes. Oil paint brushes have coarser filaments thus gives the artist a slightly smoother brush stroke which generated a slight difference in acrylic painting techniques among paintbrushes. The next common and a more modern approach among acrylic painting techniques is by using airbrushes. Since acrylic paints can be thinned down to water-like thickness, it enables airbrushes as one of acrylic painting techniques as medium used. Other acrylic painting techniques include painting with body parts since acrylic paints are non-toxic.


Acrylic painting techniques also differ in the canvas used by the artist. Difference in the canvas surface requires different acrylic painting techniques. Some of the common canvas used by artists are different kinds of paper, fabric, wood and sandpaper. The best way to paint with acrylics is any acrylic painting technique you would prefer using. For a more detailed description on acrylic painting techniques and painting easels, better ask artists about it.

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